…the future of Advertising

Due to its exceptional dynamic online – advertising platform and its “state of the art” ad format A.I.M is the international leading online advertising platform with a unique Revenue Sharing Program! Easy to use and very effective in its outcome – Worldwide advertisers from all industries use and benefit from the advantages of the country specific and target group oriented A.I.M online marketing possibilities.

Just started during spring 2018 the number of advertising clicks at AIM has already gone into the milllions thanks to a strong affiliate network of more than 10,000 affiliate partners all over the world!

A.I.M – Ads that pay off!

A.I.M offers to all interested business partners the possibility of an affiliate partnership – a revolutionary system that makes it possible for every human to earn online – easily and in a serious way – profits on a daily basis. And that without any fees and any commitments – NO sponsoring, no recommendation and no selling is necessary!

A.I.M distributes a main part of the advertising revenues and the profits that result from the sales from ad partners among its active members of the affiliate network.

A.I.M – “Go with the times or be gone in no time.”

Profit 7 days a week 24/7 from the mega trend markets of our time – dynamic online marketing & social affiliate network! Reliability, sustainability and fairness new defined – A.I.M Advert International Marketing!